The Approval Voting Party

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The purpose of the Approval Voting Party is to provide visibility to the most attainable alternative voting method; our candidates do not expect to be elected, We acknowledge the “wasted vote argument” and are advocating for a change to voting methods, not to serve in office. Approval Voting is the most easily implemented solution.

Our current voting system makes, and our candidacy lives, the wasted vote argument. Don’t waste your vote on unelectable candidates! When voters do vote for a third party, they are usually sabotaging their philosophical allies.

Too often voters are plagued by the following voter’s regret issues:

  1. Have you ever been torn between voting for who you really wanted in office and holding your nose for the electable candidate? Approval Voting lets you the voter vote for both candidates! With Approval Voting you have the opportunity to be pragmatic and honest.
  2. Have you ever watched similar candidates split the vote and let a third candidate win? This happens because the other two inadvertently or deliberately sabotaged each other?
  3. Have you ever felt so angry about one candidate that you felt like voting for everyone except that candidate? Approval Voting gives you the opportunity to fulfil that ambition.

Approval Voting solves these dilemmas, and gives you the choice and power to vote your conscience!

Again, thank you for investigating Approval Voting.

Frank Atwood
Approval Voting Party Presidential Candidate
Phone: (720) 260-1493
Blake Huber
Approval Voting Party Vice-Presidential Candidate
Phone: (720) 254-1776

Approval Voting Party, Phone: (720) 439-6000

P.S.: In conclusion: it is strange to be fielding candidates for office and at the same time discouraging voters from voting for our candidates. The quirk of marketing politics. Of course we’re vain enough to be flattered by your vote, but that is not our purpose. Our purpose is for you to investigate and join us as an advocate for Approval Voting. Thank you. Frank and Blake